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p1. i wanted to thank you for the stydia post. it makes me sick how ppl here stand against everything what stydia is,then they are like blind when it comes to the ship stydia. i'm sick that even the actress herself (holland roden) ships stydia. she should be the one who knows the character the most, she has some word in what happens to her,at least she had. even the fandom itself can't see through it; like stiles clearly is happy with malia and lydia never showed any feelings for stiles and when


p2. she’s interested in a guy she goes right after him. and holland said that she couldn’t be with stiles yet bc she ignored him for many year (holland says that she’s a feminist yeah right) so she should be “punished”. another part is that we had this beautiful finale moment between malia and lydia in the 3b finale, and then just nothing, bc malia is with stiles, and i’m pretty sure holland has smth to do with it (she said lydia’s gotta have mixed feels about the stalia thing - i don’t see why)

First of all; you’re welcome! It’s only my opinion and experience of course but I’m glad it reached you.

They did have a few nice moments with Lydia and Malia during the season, where Malia spent time with her when she was trying to figure out what was going on at the lakehouse and the Dead Pool. However yes a lot of focus was spent on individual people or relationships and they rarely deviate from those, in which friendships and allies can be formed. For example more Malia and Kira also would have been a good choice as they seemed to have great chemistry together and seemed to form solid friendship with their dance and Malia supporting Kira through the “needle” incident in Weaponized. 

The unfortunate problem with this cast and Holland, along with Jeff Davis, is that they’re known to tell lies for their audience or whomever is around them. For example in panels Holland has been known to promote Stydia and then in another panel talk about another Lydia ship as though she believes it to be possible, she’s even given interviews of this nature. She’s playing us as shippers to what the majority are looking for and wanting from her instead of actually being honest. I’m not sure how deep their contract runs and how truthful they’re allowed to be in these instance. Dylan also has promoted Stydia but he seems content with the current Stalia ship; so I know people inside this fandom become confused. Where is this going? Who will end up with who? We’re not sure, and do the actors even know? I don’t think they do. I’d be even reluctant to say Jeff knows either and that’s the crux of the problem because they want to make us happy but they pretend something is coming when clearly it isn’t! 

There are zero moments to indicate Lydia is jealous or desires Stiles for herself she’s shown nothing of the sort in this season and just because she is single does not mean she is waiting around for this new relationship to end. 

Personally I want to see them continue to be friends and become very close as friends whilst maintaining relationships outside one another- there is no reason to push Lydia into wanting something her character has shown no prior interest in having before now, and no reason for Stiles to shaft the only girl who has loved and respected him as a person for who he is. I think he’s got a lot to learn yes, and will Stalia last? I don’t know, it might just be a brief moment in time, but that moment is important and people should not dismiss Stalia for what it is. 

Anywho thanks for your message Anon and sorry for this long rant. :) 

this is on point.


I wish stydia and stalia fans could be actual friends lol I mean yes stalia is happening right now and they are so cute but that doesn’t mean stydia is never going to happen. Jeff davis loves them and he always says “hold on for stydia.” But right now is stalia time,they are happy together so be…

I don’t know how anyone can say anything is end game atm.

No one know…so it’s so ridiculous to say something like that. I’m more in doubt that Stydia will be endgame as the seasons have progressed.

This is also the stalia tag you can tag your “end game stydia” somewhere else.


Gemma Ward has returned 


I’m actually sick of everyone hating on Kendall jenner 

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When kids get angry, they deal with it in one of two ways. They either hurt themselves or they hurt someone else. 

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