Not to mention, you’d think all that profit they made off of us would bring the National Debt down. But no. The greedy fucks use it for other dumb shit. Like making sure all their pockets are nice and lined.

Wow. R

I really need her to run for president soon. And win.

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*casually shows old high school peers that I look good now-a-days on facebook*

Anonymous asked:
Wait, who's cafe dude? I need pics of both! ha (curious person, sorry :x) 20 isn't that young, though. You're 22, right? I've dated guys 4 years younger than me and the age difference was never an issue/noticable. I guess it just depens on the person; if he acts his age/older, cool. If he acts like he's still 15 years old, uncool

Cafe dude, is this guy who works at the cafe on campus who has pretty eyes and wears thick rimmed black glasses. When ever I see him not behind the counter at the cafe he is reading the news paper (that right there is a turn on for me…even though media is bias blah blah blah) There is just something about a person who wants to keep up with current events.

Anyways I just made eye contact with him again. One day I will just ask him his damn name. When I was getting my coffee it seemed like he was making effort to look at me…idk…my mind might be doing that.

I’m 23 actually. Just turned 23 on the 13th. Cafe dude seems like an on point guy to date…I feel like we could maybe talk for hours about some interesting things.

waiter dude he seems pretty mature for his age…he just texted me telling me his break schedule and wanted to hang out. This guy honestly.

A Night in Heaven 1983

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Anonymous asked:
why did he cancel? how old is he, exactly? i dont think you should be calling him bae, lol its a little creepy maybe :')

When I call him’s a joke and never leaves tumblr.

He’s like 20 and I’m kind of just idk. He’s cute.

He cancelled because of his roommate…I don’t really understand why. But yeah.

I just saw cafe dude and we made instant eye contact and I completely forgot about the waiter dude for a hot minute.

I just need to actually meet cafe dude.

yeah he just cancelled.

it’s all good tho.


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in a photo shoot for the magazine Howard Rosenberg Hello (September 2003).

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